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An expecting woman sitting and thinking wheather she should join a childbirth class. Four thinkbubble surround her. A think bubble on at topleft reads, should I join a childbirth class!! A second think buble below it reads, what to do? A third think bubble at the top-right reads, having C-section. Class will be waste of money. The fourth think bubble below it reads, jia was telling its really helps.

Childbirth Class: 10 Reasons Why expecting mothers need to attend?

Hey, Expecting Mothers, CONGRATULATIONS!! 🎉 Hope you all are enjoying the care of families and friends. Few of them have suggested you for a ‘childbirth class.’ 

But you think why waste of time and money on tips for making labor and delivery easier, while you opted for C-section delivery?

Here you should think beyond the myth. Nowadays, the childbirth classes are not limited to the training of labor pain management.
Forget the days of Lamaze classes. ‘Childbirth classes’ offer far more than the aspects of labor and vaginal delivery.  Continue reading

A human hand sprays disinfectant surface spray on a table and wipes it out

Fact you should know about Disinfectant Surface Spray

This post is about some of the facts that should every people know before using the disinfectant surface spray. I found that by getting scared of the the novel coronavirus, people are buying and investing on several kind of products that medias are marketing to a greater extent. Yet most of the people is using those product in wrong way due to which they are getting partial effectiveness or sometime zero effectiveness. Even in some cases they are getting more exposed to the virus infection. In this post I have tried to make the people aware about the effective way to use the disinfectant surface spay. Continue reading

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